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Welcome to Wang Xuenong, director of the Xinjiang agricultural machinery and director of the Department of agriculture Chen Yongsheng to visit our factory to guide
2014 August 8, director of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Agricultural Wang Xuenong director and the Ministry of agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural Machinery Research Institute Chen Yongsheng to our factory visit the guide, visit Hualong Machinery Exhibition Hall, I plant developed all kinds of agricultural machinery and equipment and a heating temperature control device gave a high appraisal, to production and processing workshop detailed view of farm machinery manufacturing process and give guidance.

Then went to Hualong agricultural experiment field to watch the latest development of the 1GZK-140 subsoiling finishing machine and pepper transplanting machine field test, the transplanting technology of Hualong advanced and perfect the praise, and on the newly developed deep problems existing in hydraulic fever, land leveling and other finishing machine put forward suggestions for improvement, director Wang Xuenong to strengthen further cooperation and Hualong science and technology, the Hualong, the best equipment introduced into Xinjiang, to promote the development of Agricultural Mechanization in Xinjiang.

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