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Qingdao Agricultural University Hualong station inauguration ceremony was held in Qingzhou Hualong Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.
In June 22, 2015, the day of pomegranate flower red, celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Qingdao Agricultural University agricultural machinery expert workstation of Hualong listing ceremony was held in Qingzhou, Qingdao Agricultural University Technology Industry Office of the director of Jiang Jiahui, Dean of Qingdao Agricultural University's history, College of mechanical and electrical engineering vice president, even government Gao Hongwei, Dr. Wang Fangyan, director of Qingzhou Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary Zhuang Xinjiang, the administrative committee of Qingzhou Li Guangjun, director of Economic Development Zone, Qingzhou Economic Development District People's Congress Committee Director Wang Yongde, Zhu Changchun City sixth food Limited by Share Ltd general manager Zhu Xianlin, Qingzhou Hualong machinery Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Guirong and management, attended the opening ceremony.
"Today's ceremony marks the Qingdao Agricultural University agricultural machinery expert Qingzhou Hualong workstation was formally established, this is a great event we Qingzhou Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd production technology innovation." Hualong Qingzhou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Li Xinyong said, the establishment of the expert workstation, for our company and Qingdao Agricultural University cooperation, exchange, innovation and development of the new platform, to our company technology research and development, innovation provides a strong technical support."

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