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Industry Conference and Innovation Conference 2015
On May 15-16 held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in 2015 China's vegetable industry conference will be. During the general assembly, the main activities of the mechanical section:
15 am opening ceremony and subject report
On the afternoon of 15 vegetable seedlings, fertilizer integration Forum
16 on the morning of the vegetable mechanization, quality and safety of the production of vegetables
16 PM to investigate the Gaocheng District vegetable production demonstration zone
In Gaocheng Qu Gang Zhen Xi Xin Zhuang vegetable base shows the vegetable production field work machine, our company show fine soil preparation machine, pick type subsoiler, a new double line self walking transplanter, new traction double row transplanter, new track four rows of transplanting machine advanced mechanical, show the finishing stages of land from the beginning, and watering the transplanting machine, our company working in research and development suited to China's national conditions of advanced machinery, to improve Chinese people use vegetable mechanization equipment.

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