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  Shandong Hualong Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, and it was formerly known as Qingzhou Hualong Electrical Co., Ltd., at present, it has 5 wholly owned subsidiaries of Qingzhou Hualong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Qingzhou Hualong Electrical Co., Ltd., Qingzhou Hualon

g Technology R & D Co., Ltd., Guizhou Hualong Machinery technology Co., Ltd., and Shandong Ruihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.. Its headquarter is located in Hualong Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingzhou, Shandong province with the floor area of 58 thousand ㎡and plant area of 44 thousand ㎡ and total capital of RMB 322.96 million, it is the professional production enterprise for Chinese agricultural equipment and livestock machinery, Top 50 enterprise of comprehensive economic strength in Shandong Province, key and leading enterprise of machinery industry in Shandong Province, and high-new tech enterprise in Shandong Province.

  The company's sales income in 2012 was RMB 659.54 million, reaching the profits of RMB 62.26 million. Now it has more than 500 employees, in which more than 70 are the engineers above the intermediate titles. The company has always adhered to the plant-management principles of "Technologies are Productive Forces, Quality is Life of the Enterprise, and Clients' Demands are Our Everlasting Pursuits", takes "Quality First, Service Perfected" as the purpose for continuous improvements and developments. The company has passed the 3C certification as well as ISO9001, ISO/TS16949:2009 certification. It is among the first batch of qualified drying room suppliers of China Tobacco Corporation.

  The main products of the company include more than two hundred products of seventeen series such as 1GVF-Series rotary tillage, ridging, fertilization and coating machinery, 2ZZY-Series transplanter, 1WG-Series pastoral management machinery, HLZD-Ⅲ type series tobacco baking device, QCHS type-series livestock blower, Y-Series electric motor, LRF-Series high-efficient and energy-saving coal-fired hot stove, WZD-Series automatic coal-fired hot stove, FTA-Series axial blower, GS-Series rotary-type industrial wall fan, BGS-Series explosion-proof industrial wall fan, centrifugal fan, dedicated blower for flue-cured tobacco, automatic controller, engineer machinery, and in order to adapt to the market demands in the Southwest Mountains, the company has established Guizhou Hualong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in Bijie responsible for the development and production of mountains agricultural machinery and tools; established sales and service companies in Guiyang, Chengdu and Kunming to strengthen the service network construction in the Southwestern region. The group has invested RMB 50 million to establish the production workshops of more than 9600㎡, and has formed the productive capacity of 100 thousand sets of agricultural machinery and tools with 300 mu of newly purchased land in addition, and has finished the investment of RMB 1 billion in two periods within 2 years. The first period of project has been started, and at present it has finished the land purchasing work, the plane design work has been finished, it will enter into the starting works of land leveling and geological exploration in mid-August. Now the Guizhou company has passed the ISO90000 certification, and finished the promotion, identification and testing works of 13 types of mountain agricultural machinery and tools;     

  The company emphases innovations, and has perfect facilities for research and inspection and testing, it cooperates with the universities and colleges, research institutes such as Tobacco Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Soil and Fertilizer Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Machinery Institute, Shandong Agricultural University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural University of Hebei, Weifang Engineering Vocational College to develop the research projects, and establishes the Professor (PhD) workstation and student internship base in the company. It has passed the agricultural machinery major special achievement verification of China Tobacco Corporation. And now, it is performing the perfection and promotion of the full mechanization for cotton, sugar beet, potato, tomato, pepper and etc.

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